Use advices – The sand

The Kitecleat has been sized to avoid as much as possible the entry of sand between the two moving parts but it may still occur specially if lots of sand grain are 0.3mm in your home spot. To avoid it to the maximum :

  • The time you need the Kitecleat to freely move is when you come out of the water, to have the spring return helping quickly catch your lines, give it a ride, it will probably fix it.
  • Do not maneuver the Kitecleat if covered with sand.
  • Avoid to drag it in the sand while you roll / unroll your lines. Would be better not to have it on your lines while doing so.
  • Wraps your lines onto the bar before putting the Kitecleat up on them and disconnecting your wing. This will also avoid turning it on himself, causing the need of bar turns before the next take-off.
  • If, despite these precautions, a sand grain manages to interfere in your Kitecleat, you’ll have to maneuver it several times, possibly in the water or under a tap (push part up) to pop it out.
  • Only the spring return could be temporarily affected, which has no real effect on the main functionality of the Kitecleat. I can only strongly recommend in that case to give it a ride or wash it to avoid any risk of inside sand accumulation. (Please also note that all version of the Kitecleat are fully removable with standard tools).
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