The concept

All starts by this finding: Very few of us are trained to grasp their kite knives, some even loose it or have it rusted without noticing. So what if we add a comfort function, turning it in a navigation companion that you will use every session and then be quickly able to grasp it eyes closed ? Kitecleat could be the most reliable and durable (ceramic blade) kitesurf knife.

Line manager function – To get used to it.


Kitecleat makes it easier and so quicker:

  • Deliver your lines in position for kite / bar connection, no more untwisting of lines.
  • Suppresses the possibility of crossing two lines when connecting the kite to the bar (not so unlikely with wind above 25kts).
  • Save space in crowded spots or boats. When you unroll your lines it’s to take off in the same move.
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Line cutting function – To upgrade your safety.

_MG_7698Becoming safer with use:

  • Remains close to you when kiteboarding allowing you to quickly cut a line in an emergency situation.
  • By grabbing and handling the Kitecleat each session for its lines managing function, you train for the event that you could meet one day, having to quickly cut lines in a bad situation.
  • To my knowledge, the only really durable (ceramic blade) line cutting tool with a leash (automatically dropped when well in hand).
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Kite lines length balance check

The correct balance between lines length can be easily check with the Kitecleat.

Correct balanceAlways good to be done twice a year as it often has to be adjusted.

Interested? Please be welcome in the shop anytime to see available version : and /or see all usage advice here:

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Ends of lines cleat – To store a neatly bar

_MG_7701Neatly bar storage, cleat for your line(s)

  • Allows you to neatly store the ends of your lines if you wish.
  • I advice at least the longest one to lock the Kitecleat in closed position.
  • Thus avoiding the appearance of small knots passed unnoticed (about 50% of kiters meet this problem one day).
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Releasable lines guide (in charge) function – To practice from a boat


Upgradeable to a releasable in charge line guide

  • Allow you to untwist (if necessary) your lines on a small surface (boat for example).
  • Allows you to drop off and recovery of the kite from a boat in safety for your fingers and kite.
  • Please see “On-board kite” section for details.
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Why thinking about launching a kite from a boat ?

Even if there is now a decade that we heard about future kite ships, I have never seen a large powerful (multi-lines) kite fly off before towing large boats… Should not be so easy. In fact it’s not !

ImokiteThanks to Samantha Davis and Gérald Veniard, racing professional skippers that offer me a try and advices during the return conveyor of her 60 Imoca dismasted in the “Vendée Globe” 2013.


If this concept meet a sufficient public, I would like to develop the following ideas:

  • Develop a kite launching kit of material for anyone who would like to be able to quickly launch, control and bring back a kite for practice, learning or as alternative propulsion mode (that could be recycled/reconditioned one)  if needed (around the world trip, cruises,…).
  • Develop kite stays + discovery of sailing with skipper and kite teacher or possibly only one firmly anchored sail-boat on the spot for alone on board kiters for a price much lower than classical kiteboarding cruise. Also because that could be a good training before a real cruise…

Waiting, the first steps are:
–  To have more cutting tools and trained to grasp it kiters on spots.
–  To have more kiters that only need the place to pump their kite on crowded spots.
–  To built the “secret” spots map…
If you wish to be part of it, please feel free to join Facebook group “Kitesurf sailboat” and / or start training using your own Kitecleat !

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