Use advices – Lines position holding

The Kitecleat delivers your kite lines in position to reconnect your wing but you must ensure you do not pass line(s) to the chicken loop side while you roll / unroll them.
Tip: To avoid problems, if you are not already a confirmed kiter, I can get you to proceed as follows (just logical and intuitive process to be adapted to your preferences).

Arriving on the spot:

  • Inflate your kite, laying it on the ground, facing the wind.
  • Take your bar, position yourself behind your kite, unroll a few meters lines before putting back in place a maintaining lines elastic of your bar. Drop it to the ground.
  • Get ready for kiteboarding (various accessories), get your harness without tightening the loop.
  • Connect your wing in the position given by the Kitecleat.
  • Get the kite cleat and stow it on your harness or boardshort.
  • Fasten your harness.
  • Connect the chicken loop of your bar to the hook of your harness. Doing so, you will not be able to pass line(s) to the chicken loop side by precipitation or inattention.
  • Remove the elastic and unroll your lines by walking crosswind.
  • Arrived at the end of the lines, connect your kite leash and adjust your brake.
  • Ask a kiter to put your kite in position for take-off and not let go before your signal.
  • Stretch your lines slightly and makes the required bar turn if needed. (Zero to two turns with a minimum of care).
  • Last re-check (trust does not exclude control), make a sign that you are ready to take off.
  • Recover your board and go kiteboarding.

Coming back:

  • Land your kite.
  • Stay hooked and roll your lines until you get few meters behind your kite.
  • Put in place a maintaining lines elastic of your bar.
  • Grasp your Kitecleat and lock the lines into each compartment in the position given by your kite. (No cross lines between Kitecleat and kite).
  • Unhook your bar from the harness, drop your bar to the ground, Kitecleat on top of it to avoid as much as possible the sand.
  • Disconnect your wing.
  • Finish to roll the last few meters of your lines sliding the Kitecleat to the end of the shortest one.
  • If you wish, properly fix the ends of lines on the Kitecleat. I recommend to use at least the longest one to lock the closed position of the Kitecleat.
  • Finish storing  your kiteboarding equipment.
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