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V2 – Kitecleat Aluminium – SST (ALX-V2)


WARNING: This new version of ALX Kitecleat is not yet available. It will be delivered from 15th of May 2019. Waiting, you can have a special discount of -20% for pre-order. Just use coupon code: PREORDER while validating your order.

With this ALX Kitecleat, you’ll :
– Have no need to untwist your lines any more,
– A helper to check your lines length balance,
– Be able to properly store the ends of your lines,
– And a durable, floating and efficient knife tool thanks to its ceramic blade and your practice of grasping and handling it.
I also offer to share shipping cost, making it as low as 3,9 euros in most of the world countries.

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Product Description

ALX / Comparative version table:

Comparativ version table rev2



  • Kitecleats have been designed to be simple, handy, compact and lightweight but reliable and resistant to applied forces and corrosive environment.
  • Dedicated to easier and safer practice, reinforced ABS (ACX), Anodized Aluminium (ALX) and Carbon (CRT) versions include a ceramic blade to be the efficient knife tool you’ll be able to grasp eyes closed… See concept section to know more.
  • If you are already confident with your knife tool, Abs/Sst (ABX) version will bring you lines management functions.

Evaluation Ebay EN

So far, Kitecleats were only sold on Ebay platform, please find here the users evaluations.
You could still of course order it on Ebay
Note: All Kitecleats are delivered with a double little elastic for several stowage possibilities on harness or board-short. See “usage” section for all informations about it.

You could also see the review made by independant consumer: We test Kites here: www.wetestkites.com/2016/04/26/ksv-kitecleat-knife-and-line-storage-tool/