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Pocket USB led light without waterproof pouch

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A pocket USB led light that seems adapted to riders needs to me.

Warning: This item is at a reduce price for early orders / beta testers in limited quantity for kitesurfing environment resistance. Here is the deal to help me testing the quality of the product: If you have any problem using it, please send it back to me and tell me what happened, I’ll send you a new one.
If you would like to give it a try as the kitecleat, please see special offers in Pack Kitecleat + light category.


Product Description

As it is always good to have a pocket light inside the boat, van or even the car, I selected this pocket light that seems adapted to riders needs to me.

Technical characteristics are as follow:
– Luminance: 1000 Lumen
– Duration: 3,5 hours in max power mode / 10 hours in medium mode
– Modes: 3 (high / med / flash)
– Lighting range: 300 to 500m (adjustable focal length)
– Water resistance : IP65 (not to be immersed for a long time)
– Led type: T6
– Materials: Aluminium Alloy
– Size: 110x27mm
– Weight: 98g

Moreover, for some kite trips (to an island, downwind, reef wave,…) it could be good to carry a flashlight in case it turns to swimming session… If you would like to ask people onshore or nearby boat for some help.
So I offer to carry it on a waterproof pouch attached to your harness to secure your ride.
It will alloy it to support long time immersion without any risk and offer flotation advantage if you have to take it in your hand (just let the air inside before closing).
Please see this pack if you don’t already have a waterproof pouch:

WARNING: Please be aware that this item is not responding to 5 miles away boat navigation rules. Always stay at a swimming distance from the shore being ready to let your kite go if needed.