Use advices – Stowage on waist harness

The Kitecleat must be firmly secured to your harness but it should be also easy to catch and release.
Following are examples of possible stowage depending on your harness type (waist / seat), your navigate way (smooth / engaged) and of course your preferences.

WARNING: In any case, the elastic is here to pull the kitecleat inside its “pocket”, this way to attach it is not correct, risk is to loose it if it cames out. If you are an advanced rider, please use the (provided) leash to secure it. This leash can easily be broken in case of emergency.

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Always prefer this kind of attachement:










First: In the belt: Most universal and modular (for belt harness)

– Allows the grip of the Kitecleat with one hand but also possibly the other because you never know…
– You will find yourself instinctively with the Kitecleat in your fist, the line cut compartment in open position.

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