Use advices – Line cutting tool

  • To be fully effective in this function, the kite cleat must be accessible from either hands.
  • Put it in the same place (harness or boardshort) and always in the same direction. So you will know the side of the blade even with your eyes closed (or open in salt water or sand).
  • To grasp it, you must fit two fingers under the lugs and close your fist on the push to release the leash and open the blade line compartment in the same movement.
  • The aperture may seems small, but its shape enables the line to penetrate even at an angle. You then just have to “scratch” the line, preferably in tension.
  • Dyneema or Spectra line has no core and has the distinction crashing to a few tenths of a millimetre without damage, whatever are the initial diameter (1.5 to 3mm for pre-lines). Therefore the space between the blade and guide is very small, in order to spread maximum of line on the edge of the blade.
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