Safety line cleat

The Kitecleat could also be used to secure the safety line of a kite if needed. When releasing the chicken loop quick release safety, kite is hold by the safety line. Problem could occur when you pull this safety line to grab again the bar. Waiting, the safety line is just draging around your legs, harness, board, foil,… and could so get bound around…
If you don’t want to take off again your kite (technical problem, injurie, no more wind,…) what about secure first your safety line around the Kitecleat? There so, you will be sure your kite will remain in a safety mode with no pressure on lines and have all time to grab your bar again and perform your self rescue to the shore in a safe mode!

Warning: This function is to be used only with 5th element safety system or 4 lines kites with a safety line link to one front line only. If you still have a outdated safety system holding the kite by the 2 front lines, we can not recommend this attachment as the remaining tension in the safety line could be to high to be performed. In any way, we don’t recommend to do it in a 25kts+ wind without using this other accessory which will keep your fingers safe:

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