Pack of 2 – 1xKitecleat ACX-V2 + 1xABX-V3

35,80 29,80

I offer special prices for pack of 2 Units. The new ABX-V3 at : -38%!
If you would like a custom pack composition, please just send me a message.
If you would like an IP68 (10m depth) waterproof pouch, I offer it at 4,9€ on top of Kitecleat units or pack. Just add this item: to your chart and then use the code: PACKWP before validate your order to get a 5€ discount.



Pack of 2: 1 ACX-V2 + 1 ABX V3 / Comparative version table:



  • Kitecleats have been designed to be simple, handy, compact and lightweight but reliable and resistant to applied forces and corrosive environment.
  • Dedicated to easier and safer practice, ABS reinforced plastic (ACX), Anodized Aluminium (ALX) and Carbon (CRX) versions include a ceramic blade to be the efficient knife tool you’ll be able to grasp eyes closed… See concept section to know more.
  • If you are already confident with your knife tool, Abs/Sst (ABX) version will bring you lines management functions.

Evaluation Ebay EN

So far, Kitecleats were only sold on Ebay platform, please find here the users evaluations.
Note: All Kitecleats are delivered with double little elastic for several stowage possibilities on harness or board-short. See “usage” section for all informations about it.