Why thinking about launching a kite from a boat ?

Even if there is now a decade that we heard about future kite ships, I have never seen a large powerful (multi-lines) kite fly off before towing large boats… Should not be so easy. In fact it’s not !

ImokiteThanks to Samantha Davis and Gérald Veniard, racing professional skippers that offer me a try and advices during the return conveyor of her 60 Imoca dismasted in the “Vendée Globe” 2013.


If this concept meet a sufficient public, I would like to develop the following ideas:

  • Develop a kite launching kit of material for anyone who would like to be able to quickly launch, control and bring back a kite for practice, learning or as alternative propulsion mode (that could be recycled/reconditioned one)  if needed (around the world trip, cruises,…).
  • Develop kite stays + discovery of sailing with skipper and kite teacher or possibly only one firmly anchored sail-boat on the spot for alone on board kiters for a price much lower than classical kiteboarding cruise. Also because that could be a good training before a real cruise…

Waiting, the first steps are:
–  To have more cutting tools and trained to grasp it kiters on spots.
–  To have more kiters that only need the place to pump their kite on crowded spots.
–  To built the “secret” spots map…
If you wish to be part of it, please feel free to join Facebook group “Kitesurf sailboat” and / or start training using your own Kitecleat !

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