Kitecleat pack

If you would like several units, we make special offers for 2 and 3 units packs. -20% on second one, -30% on third one.
It could be applied only on V2 models for same or lower value items. (ABX-V1 already offered in 2 and 3 packs with a discount in our shop)
Please don’t buy this item but just fill your chart with chosen Kitecleats, then use following coupon codes before validation of your order:
For 2nd one: PACK2ABX – PACK2ACX – PACK2ALX – PACK2CRX depending on your 2nd one choice.
For 3rd one: PACK3ABX – PACK3ACX – PACK3ALX – PACK3CRX depending on your 3nd one choice. (note that for pack of 3, you have to use both pack of 2 coupon and pack of 3 one)
For more than 3 units pack, please send us a message.